A Once-In-A-Generation Project
for the Most Important People on Earth

At St. Ann's Community, we believe our residents are the most important people on earth. So they deserve the most exceptionally caring place we can imagine.

Our Campaign for the Most Important People on Earth will create that place. Through new buildings. Through a completely new kind of care. And through changes that provide more choices, freedom and fulfillment in every facet of residents' lives.

But to make it happen, we need your help. So please take a moment to find out more.


The Project. Learn more about St. Ann's Campaign for the Most Important People on Earth.

Campaign Highlights. Find out what's going on right now in our campaign.

Their Own Words. Watch stories about the people of St. Ann's.

How you can help. Simple ways you can help these changes
become a reality.

100% of your donation will support the residents of St. Ann’s
Community. All fund-raising costs are paid for by interest
from our endowment.