What Your Gift Supports

A Whole New Kind of Care

In everything we do, we recognize that care for the elderly can never be "one-size-fits-all". We will make life what each of our residents wants it to be.That is what we believe the most important people on earth deserve.

A Most Important Project: An Overview

The starting point for this transformation is the construction of two new buildings: one in Irondequoit and one in Webster.

  • Our Wegman Transitional Care Center in Irondequoit is the first freestanding rehabilitation center in the area, one that is separate from our skilled nursing facility.
  • Our St. Ann's Care Center at Cherry Ridge in Webster features small "neighborhoods" of just 12 skilled nursing beds each, great rooms for gathering, and cozy country kitchens where residents enjoy meals—and even help prepare them.
  • St. Ann's Home in Irondequoit has updated all the kitchen areas floor by floor, bringing this neighborhood concept to all of our residents.
  • The Leo Center for Caring on our Irondequoit campus will double capacity to
    ten beds, providing exceptional care to people at the end of their lives while also
    providing gentle, understanding support to their loved ones.
  • Both of our campuses will now have a range of care options available in
    one place. Families and friends will no longer be separated when one
    person requires a different level of care.

How you can help.