What Our Patients Are Saying

"I did not expect to go home that quickly."
-Mary Poirier

"I can honestly say that I'm home again thanks to St. Ann's rehab. Nothing but great things to say about the whole experience."
-Dr. David Shaff

"Being able to preplan was an important aspect of going to St. Ann's for me. I did it both times and it made it much easier."
-Sr. Pius Streb

“It was like a little slice of home. My family could bring the dog so he visited every Saturday and I really enjoyed the privacy of having my own room. It helped me to get the rest I needed!
St. Ann’s was our first and only choice because of the great outcomes!”
-Frank DeSantis

"I was going to go straight home after my surgery and I'm so glad I did not. The doctors, nurses, therapists and aides at St. Ann's pushed me to achieve what I thought I couldn't do."
-Joanne Marciano

"I've come a long way! They got me going! They're the best!"
-Louise Zawistowski

"I was determined to get better and the staff at St. Ann's helped me rise to the occasion."
-Roger & Suzanne Remington