Your Experience as a St. Ann’s Volunteer

Volunteers are an important part of St. Ann’s team. As a volunteer, you play a crucial role in maintaining a high quality of life for our Residents - whether you are assisting at a special event, helping nurses serve meals to patients in the new  Wegman Transitional Care Center, pouring drinks on Bar Day, or just sitting and talking with Residents in our comfortable lounge areas.

We want you to know just how valuable you are to us - so we do our best to make you feel comfortable and confident in your volunteer role. When you begin volunteering at St. Ann’s, we will take you on a tour and you will receive a full review of our policies, procedures and safety regulations.

You will be assigned to a department, and your supervisor in that area will go over all of your responsibilities with you, so you will know exactly what to do. We want to make it easy and pleasant for you to perform the tasks you came here to do - so please do not hesitate to ask questions!

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