Becoming a St. Ann's Resident

Becoming a resident begins with the following process:

Applicant's Process

Complete the following:

A PRI is a NYS mandated medical assessment tool that determines long-term care eligibility and what level of care that they require. It’s completed by a certified community PRI service or by the hospital (if applicant is currently in the hospital).

The Application and Release require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Get the Adobe Acrobat Reader

Provide the Following:

  • A Financial Statement
  • Insurance cards
  • Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Proxy
  • Living Will

Mail the package to:

St. Ann’s Admission’s Department
1500 Portland Ave
Rochester, NY 14621

Or, fax the package to: (585) 342-2575

St. Ann’s Process

  • Requests medical information from the primary care physician. If the applicant is currently in the hospital all medical information is gathered from the hospital.
  • Reviews the package
  • Makes immediate notification of the status

Contact the Admissions Department to schedule a tour or for assistance in completing the application or any aspect of the admission process.