Giving to the Most Important People on Earth

No matter what help or support is needed and no matter how old or young you are, we know everyone wants days filled with joy, meaningful activities, and a zest for life.

We want that, too

At St. Ann’s Community, we know that we care for the most important people on earth. We help maintain good health, dignity, a person’s sense of self-worth and the freedom to make choices.  We know that you trust us to provide good care when needed and to fill ones days with good company, and pursuits that keep the mind
and spirit engaged. 

We take your faith in us very seriously. We work every day to provide great care and banish
the loneliness, helplessness, and boredom, which sap the energy of so many older individuals.
With your help, we discover the interests and favorite pastimes of the people we serve, and find
ways to connect with them and make their days bright. 

You have seen the compassionate care and support we provide.  
Join us in making sure that every person who comes through
our doors has the same kind of experience.  You can invest in
great care, or remember your loved one, or honor the care givers
who made all of this possible.  Your gift to St. Ann’s Foundation
can accomplish all of these goals, and much more. 

Gifts to the Foundation go directly to resident care—and to helping
us create bright days for the most important people on earth.
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