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Between now and the year 2025, the number of Americans over 65 will nearly double.

More and more people need the advantages of senior living—and St. Ann’s Community must be ready to meet the demand.

Being ready, however, means more than having the living spaces people need. St. Ann’s Community is working to provide the exceptional care that makes seniors know they are the most important people on earth.

St. Ann’s Foundation is the philanthropic arm of our community. We provide the support that makes St. Ann’s holistic approach to senior living possible.

Through generous donations from Residents, program participants, patients, their families, and our friends throughout the greater Rochester area, St. Ann’s Foundation is able to provide financial support for improvements to our buildings, programs and special events, as well as the little things that give life meaning.

Your gift will help our Residents continue to benefit from the best we have to offer: outstanding care and services, excellent staff and facilities, and a quality of life that provides both independence and support.

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Our generous donors have helped to fund many special projects that help to make St. Ann’s a Full of Life home for those we serve.

  • The Four-Sisters beauty salon at St. Ann’s Home
  • Beautifully landscaped gardens on our Webster and Irondequoit campuses
  • Cherry Ridge bocce court
  • St. Ann’s Home lobby, with its inviting fireplace, comfortable sitting areas and fascinating aquarium
  • The Josephine & Gerald Aresty Resident Resource Center, our on-site library
  • Café Rizzo
  • The Edith M. & Martin J. Schirmer Family Dining Room at St. Ann’s Home
  • The Seth Norton Private Dining Room at Chapel Oaks
  • The Chapel & Community Center at Cherry Ridge
  • Special celebrations, like our annual Mother’s Day Celebration and Residents’ Christmas parties

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Your Donations at Work

St. Ann's Foundation Office is proud to announce some good news. Thanks to careful management of our endowment and the generous support of donors for many years, the Foundation is now able to absorb the entire cost of fund raising from endowment. This allows us to direct 100% of every donation you make to the St. Ann's Foundation to support the residents of St. Ann's community and make our community a better place.

This great news means that the entire administrative costs for the foundation are being paid out of the endowment interest. It is good to know that we will be able to cover our small administrative costs and make sure that EVERY dollar you give supports the work of our community, our nurses, our staff, and our chapel.

Thank you for continuing to bless us with your generous donations and allowing us to provide the highest quality of care for our residents. Dignity, respect, independence…you are the reason that the people living at St. Ann's experience these values every day.

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