St. Ann’s Stories

The best way to learn more about St. Ann's is by listening to one of our stories. We have thousands: stories from residents, family members, employees and donors. On this page, we invite you to hear three of them.

Making Snowballs and Loving One Another

Dan Maginn worried about his dad's move to a nursing home. But the caring, supportive environment at St. Ann's provided the opportunity for new memories and adventures.

The Best Job I Ever Had

Gary Stein loved his job as a bus driver at St. Ann's Community. Then he got the idea that would bring new meaning to the lives of residents—and to Gary's life, too.

Giving Back to the Greatest Generation

Jim and Ann Gould were acquainted with many senior care centers. But what they learned about St. Ann's convinced them they had found a truly special place.

My Gifts Had Come Full Circle!


Donor Profile (2).JPGPeriodically we feature a story exemplifying the generous spirt of those who have enabled St. Ann’s Community to bring the highest quality senior care and services to the greater Rochester area.  A passionate and loyal supporter, Joan Frazier has been making charitable gifts to St. Ann’s Foundation since 2002.  In her own words, she shares why she decided to make that first gift and continues that annual tradition today.

My relationship with St. Ann’s Community began 26 years ago in May 1990.  I moved my aunt, Ruth J. Scott, from New Jersey to Rochester to live at The Heritage.  My mother, Marian Hopper, lived nearby and enjoyed visiting her sister.  Following a bone fracture in 1996, my mother also entered The Heritage and lived there for 11 years until her death at the age of 94.

During 17 years of visitations with my mother and aunt, it became very clear to me that the quality of their care was totally dependent on the quality of the caregivers, and they both had received excellent care.  When the Nursing Scholarship Program began, which is now the Employee Scholarship Program, I began to make annual contributions as a way of “giving back” to St. Ann’s and furthering the education of its employees.

I have also been a recipient of that same compassionate care that my mother and aunt received.  Three years ago I recovered from hip surgery in the Wegman Transitional Care Center.  To my great surprise, one of my caregivers had actually received an employee scholarship, and I smiled knowing that my gifts had come full circle!

In serving the most important people on earth, St. Ann’s delivers a quality of life to their residents, and as a donor, I am proud to support their efforts.  It’s a return for the gifts of life they gave my loves ones.

Please join Joan in your support, click here to make your gift today.