St. Ann’s Stories

The best way to learn more about St. Ann's is by listening to one of our stories. We have thousands: stories from residents, family members, employees and donors. On this page, we invite you to hear three of them.

Making Snowballs and Loving One Another

Dan Maginn worried about his dad's move to a nursing home. But the caring, supportive environment at St. Ann's provided the opportunity for new memories and adventures.

The Best Job I Ever Had

Gary Stein loved his job as a bus driver at St. Ann's Community. Then he got the idea that would bring new meaning to the lives of residents—and to Gary's life, too.

Giving Back to the Greatest Generation

Jim and Ann Gould were acquainted with many senior care centers. But what they learned about St. Ann's convinced them they had found a truly special place.

Why We Give

Our donors share their thoughts about their gifts to St. Ann’s Foundation:

  • Robert Norton: Volunteering made him want to give
  • Mary Moffitt: A special way of remembering
  • Shelia Kinsky, Pastoral Care Coordinator: A Calling To St. Ann’s Community
  • Chuck and Rita Remilen: Protecting our hearts with a special gift

Robert Norton: Volunteering Made Him Want to Give


Bob isn’t exactly sure what led him to St. Ann’s Community 13 years ago. He just knew he wanted to do something meaningful; something hands-on that would help others.  In 2001, Bob joined the esteemed group of Charter Volunteers when he achieved a total of 3,000 volunteer hours!

In addition to volunteering, Bob joined the St. Ann’s family of donors several years ago with a contribution to the Annual Appeal. “You need to be in a skilled care environment in order to really understand it. Quality of life is everything, and the staff at St. Ann’s is committed to providing the absolute best.

Mary Moffitt: A Special Way of Remembering


Mary sees her future gift to St. Ann’s as a tribute to her mother, and to the wonderful staff who took care of her in her final years. “Mother got very good care while she was at St. Ann’s. They did a much better job than I could have done myself—I was just running on empty,” she explained. “Some people say it’s a chore to visit a nursing home, but I looked forward to coming and seeing these people. They took good care of my mother, and I got good care, too.”

Mary’s gift has already been acknowledged in the lobby of St. Ann’s on the Tree of Life, a colorful, permanent wall sculpture that bears the names of people who are remembering St. Ann’s in their estate plans.


Sheila Kinsky, Pastoral Care Coordinator: A Calling To St. Ann’s Community

Five months after her first day of work Sheila decided to make a gift to St. Ann's.  "Making financial contributions to St. Ann’s is a natural outcome of my personal value system, my commitment to Christian Stewardship."

"I’ve seen the gift of self-dignity, the smile on a senior's face when they are given the funds needed to participate in an off-campus field trip. Now that’s truly a priceless gift! Gifts to the United Way Donor Designation Program, or our own Employee Giving Campaign, really make a difference. If I can help in some small way, I’m happy to do so."

Chuck and Rita Remilen: Protecting our hearts with a special gift


When Chapel Oaks residents Chuck and Rita Remilen provided a $2,000 gift to purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED), they helped protect the hearts of people who may suffer sudden cardiac arrest.

After reading an article about AEDs, Chuck and Rita remembered a discussion they once had with former Chapel Oaks director Paul Bartlett about his desire to equip Chapel Oaks with one of these devices.

We feel that we are blessed here for having such strong management and service staff overseeing its operation. Chapel Oaks now being our home and providing such an enjoyable living experience, we feel that it is our time to give back.