St. Ann’s Stories

The best way to learn more about St. Ann's is by listening to one of our stories. We have thousands: stories from residents, family members, employees and donors. On this page, we invite you to hear three of them.

Making Snowballs and Loving One Another

Dan Maginn worried about his dad's move to a nursing home. But the caring, supportive environment at St. Ann's provided the opportunity for new memories and adventures.

The Best Job I Ever Had

Gary Stein loved his job as a bus driver at St. Ann's Community. Then he got the idea that would bring new meaning to the lives of residents—and to Gary's life, too.

Giving Back to the Greatest Generation

Jim and Ann Gould were acquainted with many senior care centers. But what they learned about St. Ann's convinced them they had found a truly special place.

Dude Parties - A Great Use of Donations!

Chuck & Walt.jpgIt took Chuck and Walt a lifetime to find each other. They started out in similar enough places – just blocks separating their homes as boys, even attending Aquinas Institute at the same time. But before they could become friends, their lives took them in different directions. One man found his way to a large family and career in Rochester, while the other found Korean War service and a career in New Jersey.

Still, when their bodies couldn’t keep up with their minds, the two men landed at St. Ann’s Community. Walt was first, and Chuck arrived later, but their passion for debating politics and talking sports, made them fast friends. In fact, their love for civics discussions led to the start of the 9th Floor Town Hall Meetings, and Walt’s adamant defense of all things Phillies-related led to more in-depth sports conversations. They started hanging out more- eating dinner together and joining in as many activities as their schedules allowed. Chuck sings in our choir. And Walt – though his body isn’t what it used to be- attends an exercise class almost every day. The two men helped plant the residents’ vegetable garden this Spring. And they go to Dude Parties. Yes, Dude Parties.

Every month or so, Chuck and Walt get together with a handful of other guys and they do what guys do….. have a beer, play horseshoes or cards, and fire up the grill. St. Ann’s dedicated staff and volunteers take care of the little things so these Dudes can focus on the fun. Chef Pasquale throws the cowboy burgers on the grill, Mark gets the games ready, Alicia sets the Patio with comfortable deck furniture, and our very own Bluesman Robert brings his guitar. And these old guys party. At St. Ann’s each person is a valued member of our community. We believe everyone – no matter their age – has worth and dignity. And, we want every person to have the best quality of life possible.

Dude Parties are part of that commitment to quality of life. St. Ann’s staff recognizes that our residents lived full, rich lives before we were lucky enough to meet them – and we want to continue supporting them in the business of living during their time with us.

Donations made to St. Ann’s Foundation are what make these Dude Parties possible.  Generous gifts are vital to the ways in which we deliver care to the most important people on earth…and we truly couldn’t do it without you.  Our Dudes (and Dudettes!) at St. Ann’s truly count on our donors during this chapter of their lives…  Thank you for your support and generosity.