A Whole New Kind of Care

In everything we do, we recognize that care for the elderly can never be "one-size-fits-all". We will make life what each of our residents wants it to be. That is what we believe the most important people on earth deserve.

The Secret Recipe

Being treated like an individual may be the most important thing about a nursing center. And it's the reason St. Ann's takes a different approach to Nursing, called "Person-Centered Care". Person-Centered Care means we find out what is important to you. Then we adapt our care to fit you-instead of
asking you to adapt to us. We take special interest in learning about you and what
makes you happy. And then we work to make that happen.

St. Ann's Foundation offers every donor the opportunity to contribute to this
lifestyle.  Having this, Person-Centered Care approach, is truly what makes
St. Ann's so amazing.

How you can help.